Editorial of july 2018 – Publishers Book (by Ulrich Talla Wamba) - EN

E-BOOK, A NEW ERA. In an era where the world is being transformed by innovative digital technologies, games and the challenges of transitions are posed: societal, intellectual, economic, political and, above all, cultural transitions.

In this vast diversity, struck by the (technological) revolution, Publishing is affected. The book is touched. The question of the possible dissociation of the contents of the book with its support arises. The e-book takes place.

It all started in July 1971, when a young man, Michael Hart, launched a very ambitious project: that of digitizing works of the public domain in order to distribute them digitally. By this act, the digitization took shape and progressively democratized book access. Four decades later, the effects of this innovation fascinates several debates. “Will the printed book die?” “Is the digital compatible with poverty?”, “What is the role of file security?”; “How to avoid hacking?”, “What economic models for the digital book?”, “What roles for countries?”, “What are the challenges for Africa?”

If debates remain lively, and present during major professional consultations, in the field, the expansion of digital technology remains mixed. Several problems revolve around: the dearth of software, unskilled labour, payment methods, distribution, etc. This first part of our exclusive file, gives the floor to the major players in digital technology on the continent. We go into the details of the challenges, challenges and opportunities of the digital book for Africa. Our approach is simple; present the situation as it is lived on the ground by the actors of the book production chain, and then to envisage with these same actors tracks for the profitable emergence of the digital book.

This edition “Publishers Book” is the efforts of several hands, which i greet with deference. I would especially like to thank the researcher Raphael Thierry, promoter of the “EditAfrica” platform, who has joined us in this adventure. Dear readers, we wish you a good reading!

Publishers & Books Editorial Ulrich Talla Wamba july 2018 E-book in Africa

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