Buma Kor

  • [EN] "African Publishing on the Rise for the best!" by Buma KOR

    A turning point in African Publishing was reached in Nairobi, Kenya, last June that will determine the future of African publishing in many directions long before the end of the 21st Century. The Lagos Action Plan of the International Publishers Association (IPA) and the African Union (AU) Draft Continental Book and Reading Policy Framework are definitely going to be the game changer doing business in the African publishing scene.

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  • [EN] Tribune - The Millennium APE - by Buma Kor

    [This article was written and published in a leading Cameroonian newspaper, The Herald, on the eve (1999) of the beginning of the 21st Century to alert African decision makers of the long lasting effects of New Technologies on our normal lives and take appropriate measures to contain it. Was this forward-looking advice adhered to? Your answer is as good as ours. What is the situation in your own country today? We would like to hear from you.]

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